Kitchen Remodels
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Terms and Conditions

Because of the risk of Malfunction or miscommunication, any changes to Specification or measurements, or some other special directions relating To your job is only going to be accepted if in writing (letter or email). Before being processed. Payment Requirements Unless otherwise mentioned GST is included in our prices. 100 percent payment is necessary before cupboards, benchtops, accessories or install could be picked up, delivered or supplied. Things Won't Be Regarded as Being Arranged and no Inventory will be Put Aside until complete payment or a 50 percent deposit was received for the items. If any items not be Prepared or partially complete in the time of Delivery then we'll agree on a time frame to provide that item or Refund the gap for this merchandise. If You're paying by internet banking or Vandalism -- You'll Need to Processed and accepted. Should you Want to process a refund, Then any credit card surcharges Which Were compensated on the sequence are non-refundable, as are any bogus fees. Ownership of products will move to the customer once final payment was received. These payment terms are strictly Implemented so please Be sure you Are completely in agreement with them before placing your order. Your kitchen cabinetry May be Prepared for free pick up from Kitchen Reasonable notice Must Permit time to Choose the Sequence in the warehouse. Delivery can be expected in about 2-5 working days following complete payment, based on location in New Zealand. Bench tops May be Prepared for Shipment 5-15 working days Later Templates are finished or finished measurements are taken. Not All places can be provided bench tops. No Seat tops will be Arranged without confirmation of Dimensions In writing/drawing from the client, professional or installer Trades individual, which might impact lead times. Communication will be approved. These lead times Can Change Based on factory work-loads, Personnel Illness, material access etc.,. You'll Be advised Beforehand of Any delays however no consequential claims will be approved for any Installation We do Not offer a Complimentary at home Inspection, so as to Maintain our Costs competitive the first price quote is performed base on the Customer program or kitchen design, if the first price quote is within measurements. Alternatively in the Event That You would like someone to plan the kitchen to Get you Installer to plan out the kitchen for you and also make you a design. We then Cost the kitchen according to this design. Should You Decide to go ahead With our kitchen setup we'll discount the setup by 0. Oftentimes an installation Won't be able to be Finished in Once -- Such as: When templates Have to Be taken for Seat tops, Where Section of This kitchen Has to Be installed Prior to other Measurements can be Ascertained, Where particular or indent items still haven't been received into shop. Range hood Setup -- please Notice that the Setup of This Range Hood (like cut-outs in cabinetry for Ports and Electric Sockets) isn't contained in any setup estimates, however our Installer is generally able to supply such a service for an additional cost. It's the client's duty to organize with the kitchen installer, range hood installer and installer. It's the installer's or Client's responsibility to check all Items provided (like size, color, quality and specification) before installation. Our Duty will be to Get the replacement of Defective goods Only -- not elimination and re-installation price. Notice: a Few panels are Generally supplied over-sized to Permit scribing From the installer -- even if needed. All panel sizes Should be Assessed before installation. All screws and fixings Needed to Construct the cabinets are Contained from the apartment packs. cabinets eg. Wall fixings, screws to link the cupboards to one another or Anchor to the ground are NOT included. All These Have to Be purchased from the Customer out of their regional hardware shop. Floors Our kitchens use a standard 150 millimeter toe-kick. They're designed And urged to be set up in addition to the finished flooring. If you choose to Set up the kitchen Prior to the flooring, Then the toe Kick might not match. This may also cause Issues with dishwasher and Refrigerator height clearances. You'll Need to make arrangements to Your Own Installer to set the units on blocks of their proper Thickness during setup or to decrease the toe kicks. This may Incur an extra charge. Appliances We'll use our best efforts to Make Sure that all Cupboards are Adjusted to adapt your appliances provided you've created the Details accessible to us. However we can't guarantee they'll match. It's the responsibility of the Client to check the fit of all Appliances prior to setup of the cabinetry and also to create the Appropriate adjustments if needed. We can Take no responsibility For additional costs incurred if this not be accomplished. Please Notice It Is the Client's responsibility to Make Sure that Appliance maker's requirements or construction codes are complied with. Incorrect installation of these appliances. Returns To return an Undesirable Solution, it must be unopened in the First of purchase. When you've damaged, opened or constructed a product we're not able to take it as a return. Returning items will incur a restocking charge of each item. It Is Therefore Extremely Important to carefully check All of the Things you Need when placing a order. Warranty All kitchen Cupboards and hardware at the EURO range are Ensured Against defective materials and hardware for five decades, the Julia range is Clients must Provide Evidence of purchase with any Guarantee claims Warranty doesn't cover heat or water damage to doors and cabinets, or Thermowrapped doors Aren't guaranteed against damage from water or Heat producing appliances. You Must discuss Alternatives to minimize this Wrap panels or doors are cut mistakenly. Each of Re-engineered stone quartz Seat tops are guaranteed for 5 Decades For workmanship and joints, warranty doesn't cover cracks, chips or Any damage caused by negligence or impacts from sharp or heavy things being However exclusions do apply -- so It's important To read the distinct warranty and care instructions supplied with this item. Our Obligation is Limited to the purchase Cost of any Defective items And reasonable setup costs. We Won't accept liability for any Unexpected or extraordinary installation prices e.g. where permanent Or semi-permanent constructions or fittings are attached to the Kitchen cabinetry or seat top. Should you Need a Product to be replaced under warranty Provisions, we Quality control functions. We'll then replace the Product providing it's